happy friday everyone :)

Hope you’re all happy to start the weekend.

I read an article this week that really made me smile and I thought I would share it with you in the hopes it would have the same effect on you!


Hope you enjoy as much as I did!


The Mindful Challenge

Hello everyone!

A while ago I set a challenge for you to have a mindful day, I thought I would check in to see who managed it and if it made a difference?

I am now a mindfulness convert it makes a big difference for me and my wellbeing, but everyone is different!

I am still guilty of forgetting it’s in my toolbox though, but it does work for me, hopefully it may have worked for you guys too.

Now the weather is (fingers crossed) starting to get better, it always makes me feel a bit more relaxed. Try going for a walk and being mindful, you may be surprised at what you see!

what a beautiful day!

The title says it all, its the weekend and its so bright outside albeit a little chilly!

But after all this horrible grey and cold weather, get outside and enjoy it today, go for a walk, go shopping, just sit in the garden but aim to spend at least one hour outside today.

You forget how great fresh air makes you feel until you are out in it 🙂

Beautiful Day!

Hello 🙂

What a gorgeous day today was, I hope you all managed to spend at least a tiny bit of it outside, clear skies always puts me in a peaceful frame of mind and I hope it can do the same for you!

I was lucky enough to come back from a break this week, I didn’t go far, but having a whole week to spend with people that matter to me, go for walks or just relax inside for the day did me so much good, I hope you all carve out some time for yourself throughout the week, you don’t realise the difference it makes until you do!

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Stress and Anxiety Reduction course – get booked onto a Therapeutic Assessment to be considered for the next available date 0161 330 9223

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